Evospherix 360

One Hub For All Tech Reviews

Evovibe aggregates a vast array of technology resources. We mine open data on product reviews, user ratings, ecommerce feedback.
From stores to marketplaces. Inside forum comments and latest videos.

This federated pool of raw data is then synced with Evospherix 360 for intelligent analysis (detecting fake or paid/promo reviews, adding weight to verified customer opinion, finding sale discounts, and so much more) in cloud.

The final outcome is where all the magic happens—Evovibe Verdict. Published as landing review cell on our platform it grasps complete insights about mesh item, enabling demand-aware monitoring with trustworthy advice to end-users and buyer. Laconic. Tech wise. Accurate. It’s also helpful tool for every business: vendors, agile brands, product creators.

A decentralization approach allows Evovibe to stay network-friendly as well as target relevant digital niches online, delivering highest level of informational authenticity.

Last but not least, Evovibe web visitors and members can post reviews too, logged-in or even anonymously!

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